Monday, 1 March 2010

2000 Trees Festival

Well well well me oh me oh my my my. Out of the whole summer, this was THE BEST weekend of all time. Not that others didn’t compare favourably. I think what did it was that I experienced the brilliant combination of stewarding the festival, attending the festival, doing music-related activities for the magazine at the festival, and spending the entire weekend dressed as a lion.

After a long face-pulling filled journey down to Cheltenham we arrived at twothousand trees with the sunset and put up our absolutely unprecedentedly huge tent with the well intentioned drunken help of a group of youths, in the dark, with one torch. (Applause where due please…) and then had a midnight feast of humus and tortillas. Mmmmmmmmm .

Up bright and early next morn, we started on the pimms (fresh mint from the garden+ lots of apple…oh. Yeah.) and I began to transform phoebe and Polly into leopards ready for the fancy dress competition that night. Sitting out in the sunshine we attracted quite a crowd of enthused festival goers wishing to undertake a new identity which notably delayed us in venturing out to explore the lovely festival site, but did gain us some chocolate biscuits. A significant amount of pimms and cider later, three felines said adios to mama wolf and preceded to les and ticked some lists and the like, then headed to the sunshine to see the site. It was brilliant. From our tent (parked next to an amazing dead tree lantern haybaled shrine woaa) wecheck out stewarding duties at the special caravan of information. We met some lavally peop could see the main stage. That is right. See it! Loud and clear. (The advantage of this especially was that whilst face painting the hoards we could hear the first bands that played…don’t wanna miss a thing). Main stage at one end with some healingy sort of tents and the BAR, acoustic tent other end, few more stalls, some good food stuffs around and about. Best of all, there was absolutely stunning views of rolling hills in all directions, except underneath. Technically we were on a rolling hill, but you know, it just looks like mud from that angle….

Mahahaa. Well I can’t actually remember what really happened after this. Something to do with mental dancing aided by strongbow and lion disguise, stewarding duty in the rain on a hill, peacocks and a magical warehouse full of choclit and beer, placing myself accidentally on the main stage and accidentally winning the fancy dress, which very nicely led to freeeeeeee white Russians, getting very cold and cutting up me bare feet, meeting some most brilliant peoples,dancing, joining said brilliant peoples to the facepaint massive, ace ace music, dancing, an interview with the lovely Leila of duke spirit, dancing, getting very very very very very muddy all over, tent hopping, trudging, eating insane amounts of vegetables, more dancing, ladies in red, late night bin drumming, dropping beats, oompa-s and trou,forgetting self, losing self, gaining self, me, myself and I, rawr rawr rawr.

I would highly recommend stewarding at festivals. It was some of the most fun I’d ever had. That may be because I was a lion with a high vis jacket, a supply of boost bars cola and crisps, and a few fields to roam around in. oh yeah…and a RADIO. Although Polly was skilled at this and me and Phoebe left her to it, when she once left us to search for a laminator in a warehouse, phoebe and I seized our chance for a radio debut and had much much much fun asking ‘what what in the butt’ in response to questions like ‘did yer like the last band’ (we could HEAR everything going down on the mainstage from our lofty hillcarpark position, huzzah!) down the radio waves, and cackling uncontrollably down the receiver. I then got on all fours and bounded round the sodden car park. Whataweoooooooooahhhhhhhhhhhh”!!!”%^&*$£$”^&&&&&&&&&+_+))(*&^%%. Polly then came back, looking superiorly authoritative in stockings with bows on, big green and a high vis (phoebe and I merely had raincoats at that point) so we giggled like badgers thinking about humans thinking about them giggling, and cackled some more like happy dragons.

All in all, basically, summarily, practically, pretty much, all things being equal, it could be said, I concur, periodically,always, observatory, duck….it was absolutely fabulous. Everybody just smiled and laughed and danced and loved and lived the whole weekend through. Get your ticket for next year. Or even better, help them out and volunteer for stewarding.

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